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North Korea launched several ballistic missiles from eastern coast

North Korea launched several ballistic missiles from eastern coast North Korea has launched several missiles from the eastern coast (photo: GettyImages)

North Korea has launched several cruise missiles from its eastern coast, according to Yonhap.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) reported that the North's ship launch occurred around 8 a.m. in the waters near the Sinpo port, but did not specify, citing ongoing analysis.

The South Korean military conveyed in a text message to journalists that, while strengthening their monitoring and vigilance, they had been closely coordinating with the United States to monitor additional signs of North Korea's provocations.

This is the second launch of a North Korean cruise missile this year after it conducted tests of strategic cruise missiles called Pulhwasal-3-31 toward the Yellow Sea.

Provocations by North Korea

North Korea's recent testing of cruise missiles and launching them toward neighboring states has raised concerns, particularly from Japan and South Korea.

Earlier, on January 25, North Korea announced the testing of a new cruise missile.

According to the New York Times, the U.S. has considered the possibility of a conflict between South Korea and North Korea in the coming months.

By the way, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is reportedly willing to start a war, but he is restrained by a favorable scenario. The economy of North Korea has benefited from the sale of missiles by Russia.

We also reported that North Korea launched a ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan, causing concern in Japan.