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North Korea announces creation of new multiple rocket launcher

North Korea announces creation of new multiple rocket launcher North Korea has announced the creation of a new ICBM (photo:

North Korea has announced that this year they will begin supplying their armed forces with a new 240-mm multiple rocket launcher system, reports Yonhap.

State media in North Korea reported that Kim Jong Un had observed tests of guided projectiles for a technically upgraded version of the 240-mm multiple rocket launcher system on the eve. The new weapon system is believed to have been developed to strike the capital of South Korea.

North Korea also claimed that eight projectiles fired from the multiple rocket launcher system hit point targets.

South Korean analysts note that North Korea appears to be increasing its development of multiple rocket launcher systems and missiles for them, aiming to increase their supply to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine.

North Korea tries to build up its arsenal

North Korea, with the assistance of Russia, Iran, and China, is attempting to create deeply modernized models of armaments.

For instance, in early May, North Korea likely conducted a test of a new liquid rocket engine that could be installed on ballistic missiles. This test is seen as a clear sign that North Korea is advancing the development of more sophisticated long-range ballistic missiles, space launch vehicles, and satellites.

Additionally, in April, North Korea conducted nuclear counterattack exercises. During the drills, North Korean military personnel launched several short-range ballistic missiles towards the sea. The tests were an attempt to test new versions of missiles and demonstrate nuclear capabilities.