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'No fear': Madonna wraps herself in Ukrainian flag on stage

'No fear': Madonna wraps herself in Ukrainian flag on stage Madonna supported Ukraine (

Madonna pleasantly surprised Ukrainians. She wrapped herself in the Ukrainian flag right on the stage. In addition, the star performed in hats from the famous designer Ruslan Baginskiy.

This happened at Madonna's concert in London. A video with the singer was posted by the Ukrainian designer Ruslan Baginskiy and blogger Vanya Rassel.

Madonna wrapped herself in the flag of Ukraine

Yesterday, the singer gave her first concert as part of her world tour. The star performed in London, during the performance of the song Don't Cry for Me Argentina, Madonna stood near the stairs, and a semi-naked dancer approached her, holding the flag of Ukraine in her hands.

The singer continued to perform, and the girl with stickers on her chest draped the flag over the star's shoulders. Madonna wrapped herself in the flag and held it with her hands. All of this happened in front of the fans, who applauded and cheered, expressing their support for the artist's actions.

After that, the star walked across the stage, raised her hand and shouted several times: "No fear!"

Madonna appeared on stage in hats by a Ukrainian designer

On his Instagram, Baginskiy has a new post in which he publicly addressed Madonna and thanked her for her support. The singer tried on several outfits with accessories by the Ukrainian.

"Thank you, Madonna! For believing in me from the start. For your incredible support. For almost eight years together. Our story that comes to this amazing night. Thank you for making me a part of your celebration," he wrote.

'No fear': Madonna wraps herself in Ukrainian flag on stageBaginskiy publicly addressed Madonna (screenshot)

The designer notes that Madonna supports not only his brand but all of Ukraine. According to him, the singer has always been an example, and he called her presence in his life the greatest honor.