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Never keep these items on windowsill or they may explode

Never keep these items on windowsill or they may explode What items cannot be kept on the windowsill (photo: Freepik)

Many people use window sills as shelves - they store various household knick-knacks on them. But in reality, not all things can be left there because they will be exposed to the sun, heating up, which can lead to unwanted chemical reactions. Daily Express tells about the things that should not be left on the windowsill.

Items that shouldn't be kept on the windowsill

"Aerosols and flammable items on the windowsill pose significant danger, especially in warmer weather. Sunlight can heat these items to dangerous levels, potentially leading to explosions. Keeping them away from the window will protect not only your window but also yourself," experts say.

Candles are also among the items that are not advisable to store on the windowsill. This is because direct sunlight can soften or even ignite the wax, leading to a fire. Additionally, melted wax can damage the windowsill.

"It's better to find a safer place for candles, away from direct sunlight and flammable materials," experts advise.

They also note that homeowners often place decorative items on windowsills without considering the risk of fire.

"Objects like mirrors or any reflective items can act like magnifying glasses under sunlight, focusing heat in one spot and igniting materials nearby," experts warn.

They advise never to leave such items on the windowsill to prevent fires.

It's also not advisable to keep fragile items, boxes with very small items, and the like on the windowsill. Sudden wind gusts can open the window and knock these items over, causing them to break or get damaged.

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