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You shouldn't talk on your phone while it's charging - Here's why

You shouldn't talk on your phone while it's charging - Here's why Why you shouldn't talk on your phone while it's charging

Smartphones have long been an integral part of our everyday life. People are so accustomed to them that sometimes they can't even part with the device when it's charging. But you shouldn't do this if you don't want to ruin your gadget.

Why you shouldn't talk on the phone while charging

According to experts, a smartphone heats up while charging, and the slightest technical failure or power outage can cause the phone to overheat, which can damage it. This also applies to new devices that are not protected from these incidents.

It is recommended that you do not use your cell phone while the device is charging. This means that you should not send SMS, use apps, or make calls while the mobile is powered by the charger.

Also, if you receive a call while your device is charging, it's best to turn off your phone before answering.

Useful tips from experts

According to some studies, most people hold their cell phones in their hands by scrolling them with their thumb, with the device itself resting on their little finger.

According to Healthline, "the fingers that suffer the most from carrying a smartphone or tablet are the little finger and thumb." This can even cause them to become inflamed.

When using a smartphone, it is important to consider the following recommendations:

  • hold your cell phone with both hands
  • write with both thumbs
  • do not bend your neck or head too far forward and maintain an upright posture when using your smartphone
  • do not write too fast
  • do not use your cell phone or other mobile device for long periods of time
  • if you use chat frequently, install the WhatsApp web app on your computer to type with both hands

Choose the right size for your smartphone so that you can use it comfortably.

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