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Netherlands to finance project to support stabilization of Ukrainian liberated territories

Netherlands to finance project to support stabilization of Ukrainian liberated territories The Netherlands allocated additional funds for aid to Ukraine (photo: Facebook EUAM Ukraine)

The Netherlands government will finance a project with 8 million euros to support the stabilization of the de-occupied territories of Ukraine and hold accountable those responsible for war crimes, according to the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine.

The project aims to support Ukrainian agencies in the civil security sector for the stabilization and restoration of governance, security, and social protection in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine. The implementation will be carried out by the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine).

The project includes providing Ukrainian law enforcement officials working in de-occupied territories with mobile stations and IT equipment. This is crucial as they will have to perform various tasks in addition to their regular duties during peacetime – for example, conducting outreach activities with the civilian population on mine safety, collecting data on potential war crimes locations as quickly as possible while evidence and witnesses are still available.

"In addition, they need forensic equipment for work at potential war crime scenes, as well as communication equipment for collaborative work in still very dangerous conditions," the announcement states.

Support for Ukraine from the Netherlands

After the onset of Russia's large-scale invasion, the Netherlands is providing Ukraine not only with military but also economic assistance.

Recently, Amsterdam announced the transfer of a new package of military aid, including demining equipment, ammunition, and drones.

Earlier, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hanke Bruins Slot, announced plans to provide additional assistance of 2.5 billion euros to support Ukraine next year.

Additionally, the Netherlands, along with Denmark, leads an aviation coalition to supply Ukraine with modern fighter jets. In total, our country will receive no fewer than 61 aircraft. On November 7, Amsterdam sent the first five F-16 fighters to Romania for the training of Ukrainian pilots.