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Ukrainian strikes could disable over 15% of Russian refinery capacity, NATO

Ukrainian strikes could disable over 15% of Russian refinery capacity, NATO Photo: Smoke at the Ryazan refinery in Russia after the Ukrainian drone attack (Russian media)

Strikes on Russian oil refineries, allegedly carried out by Ukrainian drones, could have disrupted more than 15% of their capacity. A NATO spokesperson gave this assessment to journalists, according to Reuters.

"In terms of damage, the strikes have probably disrupted more than 10% of Russia's refinery capacity, maybe more than 15%," the official told media representatives on condition of anonymity.

He said that depending on the extent of the damage, repairs could take "considerable time".

"Fewer and fewer of these types of Russian energy, critical infrastructure are safe from potential strikes," the NATO official said.

He also expressed the opinion that more and more impact on the Russian economy can be expected as a result of this.

Estimates of the consequences of strikes on Russian refineries

It should be noted that according to Reuters, about 14% of Russia's refinery capacities were shut down due to drone attacks.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Russian media published a statement by Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov that the damaged refineries will return to normal operation by early June.

Attacks on refineries in Russia

In recent weeks, the Ukrainian Defense Forces have been successfully attacking refineries in Russia. The consequences of such attacks were critical enough for the Russian Ministry of Energy to recognize the suspension of fuel production at several refineries and to announce that it was looking for a way to solve the problem.

Although the United States has called on Kyiv to stop attacks on Russian energy infrastructure, warning that drone strikes could lead to an increase in world oil prices, Ukraine considers Russian refineries to be legitimate targets for strikes.

Earlier it was reported that, according to The Insider, in 2024, there were 15 drone attacks on 13 refineries in nine regions of the Russian Federation. Of these, eight facilities were significantly damaged.

On April 2, the third largest Russian refinery and the Shahed plant in Tatarstan were damaged by drone strikes. RBC-Ukraine's sources said that it was a joint operation of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.