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NATO standards integration: Ukrainian forces to conduct air and space operations

NATO standards integration: Ukrainian forces to conduct air and space operations The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the adoption of the NATO standard for air and space operations (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces have implemented a series of additional NATO standards. Among the updated doctrines, the concept of air and space operations will be applied, according to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine clarified the implementation of four additional NATO standards in October-November:

  • Air and Space Operations relate to a joint doctrine enabling standardized procedures for utilizing capabilities in the aerospace domain during joint operations.
  • Education and Training for Operations in Urbanized Environments involves standardized training for combat operations preparation in large urban areas.
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for NATO Airborne Operations provide guidance to commanders and their staff on planning, coordinating, and executing airborne operations.
  • Conducting Ground Tactical Actions offers guidance on planning and executing stabilization measures that may arise within any operation or campaign.

NATO standards in Ukraine

Note that within the North Atlantic Alliance, there are a total of 1,135 standards. Currently, the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defense have implemented 280 of these, which accounts for approximately a quarter of the total count.

Among these standards:

  • 174 were integrated within the Ukraine-NATO Partnership Goals (considered priority NATO standards).
  • 106 are termed "initiative" standards, adopted by Ukraine beyond the Partnership Goals.

It's important to highlight that back in February of this year, there were only 77 standards implemented within the Partnership Goals. Despite the full-scale war, the process of Ukraine's integration into the North Atlantic space continues.

Emphasis is placed by the Defense Ministry on the prioritization of implementing NATO standards within the security and defense sector as a crucial step for Ukraine's path to NATO membership.

Additionally, in September, the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense highlighted the year-long operations of the "people's satellite ICEYE." It was noted that ICEYE aided the Defense Forces in conducting strikes against a ship and a submarine belonging to occupiers in Sevastopol Bay.