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NATO members must increase arms production to aid Ukraine, UK Foreign Secretary

NATO members must increase arms production to aid Ukraine, UK Foreign Secretary UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron (Photo:

NATO member countries must persuade defense manufacturing companies to increase production volumes to meet Ukraine's needs over the next two years, according to The Telegraph.

The British Foreign Secretary, during a closed-door meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, emphasized the need for NATO countries to effectively utilize their economic strength in the near future to boost arms production.

He stated that this measure is expected to enable Ukraine to succeed in its war against Russia.

“Two weeks ago I was in Ukraine saying we need to do everything we could to help the Ukrainians repel this appalling aggression by Putin,” the Foreign Secretary told reporters.

Military Aid Commitments to Ukraine

Earlier, Ukraine's Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, stated that the European Union and NATO need to collaborate on arms production to meet Ukraine's needs.

In early May, the EU Council adopted a decision to provide one billion euros in assistance to Ukraine for joint procurement of ammunition and missiles. European countries were expected to supply Ukraine with millions of rounds.

Later, Bloomberg reported that the EU is falling behind its plan to deliver one million artillery rounds to Ukraine by March 2024. Currently, only 30% of the plan has been fulfilled.

It was also reported that amid concerns in the EU about delays in supplying artillery rounds to Ukraine, there is consideration of purchasing them from non-EU countries.