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NATO increased its budget for 2024

NATO increased its budget for 2024 NATO increased its budget amid security threats (photo: Getty Images)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has increased its budgets for the year 2024, demonstrating the solidarity of alliance members in addressing common security challenges, according to the NATO website.

During the meeting of the North Atlantic Council on Wednesday, December 13, Alliance members agreed on NATO's civilian and military budgets for the year 2024. The civilian budget amounts to 438.1 million euros, and the military budget is 2.03 billion euros, representing an increase of 18.2% and 12% respectively compared to 2023.

NATO's civilian budget covers personnel, operational expenses, and costs for headquarters programs and its international staff. The military budget addresses operational expenses for the NATO Command Structure Headquarters, missions, and operations worldwide.

The third major element of shared financing is the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP), covering significant construction work and investments in command and control systems. The NSIP ceiling for 2024 is 1.3 billion euros, a 30% increase compared to 2023.

NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Geoană emphasized that the increase and expansion of shared financing allow Alliance members to more effectively respond to current security challenges.

"Shared funding demonstrates the solidarity and collective will of Alliance members. In this period of turbulence, we need it more than ever," he said.

Buildup of NATO military potential

In response to Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine, NATO member countries have decided to intensify armament accumulation to counter potential further Kremlin aggression.

NATO does not intend to wait for Russia to rebuild its army after the defeat in Ukraine. The Alliance will provide its members and allies with everything necessary for defense.

NATO also hopes to expand and shift its borders eastward in the coming years.

Meanwhile, the German Bundeswehr is concerned about its readiness for a potential large-scale war with Russia. Germany may need to come to terms with the possibility of engaging in a defensive war at some point.