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NATO countries urge Germany to boost security after data leak

NATO countries urge Germany to boost security after data leak Photo: NATO countries urged Germany to strengthen security measures (Getty Images)

NATO allies of Germany have urged Berlin to treat classified information more carefully and enhance security measures, reports Bloomberg.

"Some of Germany’s allies are urging Berlin to tighten up security around classified information after Russia revealed sensitive discussions about aid for Ukraine," the material states.

One of the agency's interlocutors referred to the actions of the German military as thoughtless and unprofessional. In his opinion, "such behavior would be expected from people who have never had security briefings, but not from military officials."

Another source stated that they were not surprised by Germany's mistake, while another expressed the view that the leak might lead to stricter measures everywhere, but especially in Germany.

According to several informed sources, the data leak highlighted the inadequacy of security approaches following the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, after what happened, it is likely that many more meetings will take place offline to reduce security risks.

What preceded

Earlier, Russian propagandists released an audio recording in which senior officers of the German Air and Space Forces purportedly discuss the theoretical possibilities of Ukraine using German Taurus cruise missiles. Specifically, the audio recording discussed the possibility of launching Taurus missiles at the so-called Crimean Bridge.

Subsequently, the German Ministry of Defense confirmed the leak of a conversation among German officers regarding the potential use of Taurus missiles in Ukraine.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that this event would be promptly investigated. The German Federal Military Counterintelligence Agency has initiated an inquiry into the possible interception of conversations of German officers by the Russian side.

Against this backdrop, the Green Party faction in Germany accused Russian dictator Vladimir Putin of attempting to destabilize the situation in the country. It is believed that after the publication of an internal conversation among German Air and Space Forces officers in Russia, further subversive actions by the Russian Federation are possible in the coming months.