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NATO considers sending troops to Ukraine, but not for combat purposes - NYT

NATO considers sending troops to Ukraine, but not for combat purposes - NYT Archive photo: NATO considers sending troops to Ukraine (Getty Images)

NATO allies are gradually moving towards a decision to send their troops to Ukraine. They will be used to train Ukrainian forces, The New York Times reports.

"A move that would be another blurring of a previous red line and could draw the United States and Europe more directly into the war," the source writes.

Journalists note that Ukraine lacks forces to train troops, and the situation on the battlefield has worsened due to the Russian advance. Therefore, Ukrainian officials have appealed to their American and NATO colleagues to help train 150,000 soldiers closer to the front line for quicker deployment.

Officially, the United States has not supported this idea, but the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Charles Brown, considers this process inevitable. Brown stated that potentially deployed NATO instructors in Ukraine could be at risk, so to protect them, it would be necessary to use air defense systems that Ukraine could use near the battlefield.

At the same time, the White House refuses to send even instructors to Ukraine and urges its NATO allies to follow suit.

Training Ukrainian Forces has not always been successful

The New York Times reminded that previously, the USA assisted Ukraine in training its troops to NATO standards at the Yavoriv training ground, but they were withdrawn from there at the beginning of the war.

At the same time, journalists noted that training from Americans and their allies has not always been successful. Before the Ukrainian counteroffensive last summer, American soldiers conducted training for Ukrainian units in maneuver warfare, demining, and other tasks in Germany.

"But learning how to use tanks, artillery and infantry troops in a coordinated way is difficult, particularly in a short 12-week period," NYT added.

Where NATO troops can be stationed in Ukraine

The relocation of training to Ukraine, as military personnel acknowledge, would allow American instructors to gather information more quickly about innovations happening on the front lines, potentially enabling them to incorporate that training themselves.

Last month, NATO asked General Christopher Cavoli to devise how the Alliance can assist Ukraine while reducing potential risks. A US official stated on Wednesday that one possibility could be training Ukrainian troops in Lviv.

Discussion on the deployment of NATO troops in Ukraine

Previously, NATO members publicly rejected similar ideas, fearing direct confrontation with Russia. However, in February, French President Emmanuel Macron publicly raised the discussion that the West should consider such a scenario. Macron himself stated that he could deploy troops to Ukraine, but he did not provide specifics.

Meanwhile, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk recently stated that there is already a certain contingent of NATO representatives present in Ukraine. This includes instructors and observers.