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Moldova to modernize air defense due to potential Russian threat

Moldova to modernize air defense due to potential Russian threat Photo: Prime Minister of Moldova, Dorin Recean (facebook com recean md)

Moldova needs a modernized air defense system to counter threats from Russia, says Prime Minister of Moldova, Dorin Recean.

Recean made this announcement three days after the Moldovan parliament approved a new security strategy, identifying Russia as the greatest threat to the country's security and its pro-European government.

The Prime Minister also informed that Moldova intends to acquire a modern air defense system with the help of its allies in the EU and NATO to protect its airports and key infrastructure facilities.

Neutrality won't protect Moldova

"If the Kremlin decides to attack us, just what are we going to do?" Recean asked.

According to him, neutrality will not protect Moldova. Recean stated that developed countries invest in their security so that their citizens and businesses feel protected. He clarified that if they don't have this, people leave, taking their capital with them. This is what, according to him, is currently happening in Moldova.

Russia's influence on Moldova

Recall that the pro-Russian Shor party in Moldova organized protests to overthrow the current government and demanded the impeachment of President Maia Sandu. In June 2023, the Constitutional Court of Moldova banned the activities of Shor.

Earlier, Moldova's President Maia Sandu stated that Russia was buying voters in the local elections held in November.

In addition, Chisinau is trying to combat Russian propaganda. In October 2023, Moldova blocked access to 22 Russian propaganda television channels.