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Moldova reveals Russia's plans to disrupt elections and appeals for EU assistance

Moldova reveals Russia's plans to disrupt elections and appeals for EU assistance Archive photo: Moldova reveals Russia's plans to disrupt elections
Author: Daryna Vialko

Russia wants to disrupt the process of the upcoming elections in Moldova, so representatives of the European Union need to help Chisinau continue its struggle for democracy, stated the speaker of the Moldovan parliament Igor Grosu.

At a Conference of EU Parliament Speakers, he spoke about the upcoming presidential election in Moldova this fall and the referendum on EU membership.

"However, we are confident that Russia will do its best to disrupt this process. To mislead public opinion, sow panic, and alarm among the population, sophisticated modern technologies are being used, including artificial intelligence and, in particular, information channels," the parliament speaker said.

According to him, Russia wants to influence the outcome of the presidential election and turn Moldova away from the European course. Therefore, he appealed to representatives of the European Union and asked for help in continuing the struggle for democracy, modernization, and progress.

Ukraine was also mentioned

Grosu also said that supporting Ukraine means supporting Moldova because both countries decided to separate from the former empire and live in a free, peaceful, and prosperous world.

"This is our civilizational choice. I am sure that together we will succeed, it will not be easy. But with prudence, patience, and perseverance, we will ensure that our future and the future of our children will be peaceful and prosperous," Grosso added.

Russia interferes in the life of Moldova

Representatives of the Russian Federation, with the help of their agents, try to destabilize the situation in Moldova and influence public opinion. Earlier, it was reported that the Kremlin had a plan to overthrow the pro-European government in Moldova, but this was prevented.

President Maia Sandu has said that Moldova is the target of Russian interference, intensifying as the country moves towards European integration.

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană recently stated that Russia cannot threaten Moldova's security militarily because of Ukraine's resistance, but hybrid threats have not disappeared.