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Missile strike on Chernihiv: Number of casualties rises to 117

Missile strike on Chernihiv: Number of casualties rises to 117 The number of casualties has increased in Chernihiv (Photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBK-Ukraine)
Author: Daria Shekina

The number of casualties due to the rocket strike on Chernihiv has once again increased. There are reports of 117 injured individuals, according to the acting mayor of the city, Oleksandr Lomako, on Telegram.

"As of 15:25, following the terrorists' attack on the center of Chernihiv, 117 people have been affected, out of which 7 have lost their lives," he noted.

Earlier, it was reported that among the injured were over 10 children. Additionally, among the victims of the rocket terror is also a child. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Ihor Klymenko, a six-year-old girl sustained severe injuries, and medical professionals were unable to save her.

Rocket strike on Chernihiv

Today, on August 19, during an air alarm in Chernihiv, powerful explosions occurred. Later, authorities confirmed that the occupiers, most likely with ballistic missiles, struck the city center. Many people were present there at the time of the attack.

As a result of the attack, the drama theater, the square, the courthouse, the Chernihiv Regional State Administration building, shops, and other public facilities were damaged.

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