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Missile attack on Selydove: Number of casualties rises again

Missile attack on Selydove: Number of casualties rises again Emergency rescue operations in Selydove at the site of a Russian missile strike (StateEmergency Service of Ukraine)
Author: Maria Kholina

The number of fatalities from a Russian missile strike on a hospital building in Selydove, Donetsk region of Ukraine, late on November 20 has risen to two. Emergency rescue operations are ongoing at the site, according to information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

"Selydove. The number of killed as a result of the occupiers' missile attack has increased to two," the statement from the ministry said.

There may still be one person under the rubble, and emergency rescue efforts are underway at the scene.

Law enforcement clarified that rescuers have already cleared 78 tons of destroyed building structures. The work is ongoing.

Rescuers of the State Emergency Service continue to clear the rubble at the site of a Russian strike in Selydove (photo:

Russian attacks on Selydove

On November 20, Russian occupiers struck a minery and a hospital in Selydove, Donetsk region, at around half-past midnight.

Initially, there were reports of six injured. Later, two more injured were reported, while emergency services rescued another man from under the rubble.

Prior to this, Russian forces launched S-300 missiles at Selydove on the night of November 15. One residential building was hit. Initially, there were reports of one fatality and two injuries. Later, the number of casualties increased to three people, with two fatalities.

According to rescuers, the strike destroyed an entire entrance of a building. Emergency rescue operations at the scene lasted for two days. In total, after the rescue operation concluded on November 16, four people were reported dead and three injured.