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Missile attack on Kyiv on January 2: Number of injured reaches 50

Missile attack on Kyiv on January 2: Number of injured reaches 50 Number of injured in the missile attack on Kyiv has increased to 50 (
Author: Maria Kholina

The number of injured from the Russian massive missile attack on Kyiv on January 2 has risen to 50 people, according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

By the morning of January 3, the Ukrainian capital witnessed the extinguishing of fires in warehouse facilities in the Podil district, with a total of 5000 square meters o affected area. Efforts to dismantle and reinforce structures are ongoing.

Residential buildings, warehouses, cars, and car dealerships in the Solomianskyi, Sviatoshynskyi, Pecherskyi, Desnianskyi, Obolonskyi, and Holosiivskyi districts of the capital were affected by the enemy's missile attack.

In total, 50 people were injured and 2 killed in Kyiv. 57 individuals were rescued, and 134 people were brought to fresh air.

Massive Russian attack on Kyiv on January 2

Yesterday, January 2, Russian occupiers attempted to attack Ukraine with missiles and Shahed kamikaze drones.

The primary target of the missile strike was Kyiv. The enemy launched a large number of cruise missiles at the capital, including 10 hypersonic Kinzhal missiles.

Anti-aircraft defense forces managed to shoot down 72 Russian missiles. Kyiv suffered casualties as a result of falling debris.

For more details on the consequences of the attack, please refer to RBC-Ukraine's coverage.