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Ministry of Defense outlined priority areas of work within the IT coalition

Ministry of Defense outlined priority areas of work within the IT coalition The Ministry of Defense disclosed the priorities of work within the IT coalition (photo: Getty Images)

Within the framework of the IT coalition, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is working on ensuring communication for the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the tactical level, states Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Kateryna Chornohorenko.

"We have several priority areas, and we are working on the urgent need to ensure communication at the tactical level. This involves dozens of battalions directly engaged in combat operations. Communication allows for quick coordination on the battlefield, in dynamic battles, and so on," stated Chornogor.

She also noted that the ministry is working on the formation of IT infrastructure that will enable the military to have a powerful and secure server component.

The Deputy Minister also emphasized that after a technical meeting with members of this platform in mid-November, Ukraine has already provided specific packages of assistance to its partners.

What is known about the IT coalition

The IT coalition is a specialized platform for coordinating the Ministry of Defense's needs with partner countries. It was established in June of this year with the aim of strengthening Ukraine's IT infrastructure.

Initially, three countries - Estonia, Luxembourg, and Ukraine - joined the IT coalition. Currently, the coalition has expanded to include seven countries: Estonia, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium, and Iceland.

Ukraine's Minister of Defense, Rustem Umerov, noted that the IT coalition will focus on ensuring a secure and resilient IT infrastructure for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces. This will enable Ukraine to be more effective on the battlefield.