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Minister of Energy provided information about state of energy system

Minister of Energy provided information about state of energy system Ukrainian Minister of Energy, Herman Halushchenko (photo: GettyImages)

Russia continues its daily attacks on the Ukrainian energy systems; however, Ukraine has undertaken its most extensive repair campaign and is prepared for the winter season, announces Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko during a televised marathon.

He emphasized that this autumn has seen fewer shelling incidents compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, Russia continues its daily attacks on the energy system. Halushchenko noted that Ukrainian air defense systems have improved and can now intercept the Kinzhals that Russians used to target the energy infrastructure.

He also pointed out that not all energy systems have been fully restored yet, but the government has done its utmost for their repair.

"We have undergone the most extensive - and are still in the process of - repair campaign, providing the capability to adequately ensure generation during the winter," stressed the Minister of Energy.

In addition, Halushchenko believes that Ukraine is ready to face the winter.

"The system is absolutely smoothly going through the winter. The only factor that can affect it is indeed the attacks. And not just the fact of the attacks but the impact of attacks on the energy system," he emphasized.

Russian strikes on Ukraine's energy infrastructure

Russian occupiers engaged in widespread shelling of Ukraine's energy system from October 2022 until nearly March 2023, aiming to trigger blackouts.

As a result of numerous Russian attacks, some of Ukraine's energy facilities suffered significant damage. Consequently, power outages were experienced in Ukraine during the autumn and winter, prompting citizens to conserve electricity and avoid overloading the system.

Furthermore, on November 23, Ukrenergo stated that the situation remains challenging, with ongoing repairs at several thermal power plants. There is a deficit in the energy system, and it continues to escalate.