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Mi-8 helicopter sank after crashing onto ice in Russia

Mi-8 helicopter sank after crashing onto ice in Russia A Mi-8 helicopter sank in Lake Onega in Russia (photo: Getty Images)

The Mi-8 helicopter, belonging to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, crashed under the ice and sank in Lake Onega. The wreckage was found by rescuers 11 km from the shore, according to Kommersant.

"In the previously designated search area, approximately 20 km from the village of Dereviannoe, rescuers found a part of the helicopter's fuselage and a large hole. Preliminarily, the helicopter broke through the ice during the accident and sank, which is why the emergency beacon in the water stopped working, complicating the search.

In the morning, divers will continue their work at the crash site, where the depth can reach 40-50 meters.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations noted that the helicopter was operated by an experienced crew with thousands of flight hours, and they have been repeatedly involved in search and rescue missions.

Yesterday evening, on February 4, it became known that the Mi-8 helicopter from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations disappeared from the radar while flying over Karelia. There were three people on board. The aircraft, as reported by Russian Telegram channels, was flying from Petrozavodsk to the city of Vytegra in the Vologda region.

Accidents involving Russian aircraft

Earlier, a Russian private plane crashed in Afghanistan while flying from India to Russia. Onboard were six people - two passengers and four crew members. The aircraft belonged to the company Athletic Group and an unnamed private individual.

Last year, in the Voronezh region of Russia, a Su-34 fighter bomber crashed. The plane's crew reportedly managed to eject, and they were evacuated.