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Mi-8 helicopter crashed in Russia: Casualties reported

Mi-8 helicopter crashed in Russia: Casualties reported Photo: Mi-8 helicopter (Florstein' Fedorov /

In the Magadan region (Russian Federation), a Mi-8 helicopter has crashed with approximately twenty people on board. As a result of the aviation disaster, there is at least one fatality and several injuries, according to the Russian media and the Telegram channel of the governor of the Magadan region, Sergey Nosov.

The incident occurred in the North-Evensky district near Quartz Mountain in the Magadan region. The helicopter was flying on the route from Sopka Kvartsova to Omsukchan.

It is reported that on board the aircraft, belonging to Dalyerechensk Avia, there were 17 shift workers and 3 crew members. According to preliminary data, one person died as a result of the crash, and two others sustained serious injuries, as reported by Magadanskaya Pravda.

According to the Telegram channel Magadan. Emergency Situations, citing the Ministry of Transport of the region, the helicopter made a "hard landing."

Currently, it is not precisely known what caused the helicopter to crash. Among the versions considered by representatives of the Russian Emergencies Ministry are technical malfunction and pilot error.

There is also information that the Mi-8 pilots informed dispatchers about an engine failure 13 kilometers into the flight. According to the Telegram channel Mash, the helicopter encountered a "snow charge," resulting in engine failure.

Magadan region Governor Sergey Nosov stated that a rescue team and medical personnel have been dispatched "to assist and evacuate the injured" to the accident site.

У Росії розбився вертоліт Мі-8, є загиблий та поранені

Predicted location of the Mi-8 helicopter crash in the Magadan region of the Russian Federation (photo:

Aviation disasters and accidents in Russia

Recently, on March 12, a military transport aircraft, the Il-76, crashed in Ivanovo, Russia. There were 15 people on board, all of whom perished. The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that there was an engine fire during takeoff, leading to the crash in the Ivanovo region during the scheduled flight.

A video was circulated online showing one of the engines detaching from the Il-76 during flight. Subsequently, media outlets also released videos of the Russian Il-76's crash and the final words of the crew.

On the previous day, March 11, it was reported that a Russian military transport aircraft, the An-12, made an emergency landing at the Khurba aerodrome in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. According to preliminary information, the aircraft experienced landing gear problems.