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Il-76 aircraft crashes in Russian Ivanovo

Il-76 aircraft crashes in Russian Ivanovo Photo: Il-76 aircraft crashed in the Russian city of Ivanovo (Russian media)

A military transport aircraft Il-76 crashed in the Russian city of Ivanovo on March 12, according to Russian media and Telegram channels.

Russian Telegram channels are actively spreading a video of a burning aircraft in the air. It's possible that one of its engines caught fire.

Eyewitnesses report that the footage was taken in Ivanovo, and the aircraft crashed at the Sieverny airfield, where long-range radar detection aircraft A-50 is also based. A thick column of smoke was observed from there.

According to information from some Russian Telegram channels, the Il-76 was landing, and there were 12 people on board. The outlet Shot, without citing a source, calls it an "emergency landing." It is claimed that the crew diverted the burning aircraft away from residential buildings.

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the crash of the Il-76.

Reportedly, one of the engines caught fire during the aircraft's takeoff, causing it to crash in the Ivanovo region during takeoff for a scheduled flight.

According to the ministry, there were 15 people on board (8 crew members and 7 passengers).

Before this, Russian media reported on 12 people and claimed that all passengers had died.

У російському Іваново розбився Іл-76Photo: Another Il-76 crashed in Russia (Russian media)

Il-76 aircraft

The Il-76 is a Soviet and Russian heavy military transport aircraft. It has been in operation since 1975. The Il-76 was the first military transport aircraft with turbojet engines in the history of the Soviet Union. Russia uses these aircraft to transport both personnel and heavy equipment.

According to open sources, this aircraft is capable of carrying cargo with a maximum weight of 28-60 tons over a distance of up to 4,200 km at a cruising speed of 770-800 km/h.

On January 24, a Russian Il-76 military transport aircraft also crashed in the Belgorod region. The Russian side claims that Ukrainian prisoners of war were on board, but Ukraine does not confirm these claims, as Russia has provided no evidence.