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Video notes on Instagram: How to use new feature

Video notes on Instagram: How to use new feature Instagram introduces two-second video clips feature (Photo: Freepik)

The social media platform Instagram is launching a new feature for short video Notes that users can publish as status updates. Before this update, users could only share text or emojis in their statuses, writes TechCrunch.

Since Instagram already allows users to post Stories, the new option for video notes might cause some confusion among users. However, it's worth noting that video Notes will be limited to a duration of just two seconds, and they likely won't fully replace the functionality of Stories.

One of the distinctions of video notes is that they can only be created using the front camera of a smartphone, and this process occurs directly within the Instagram app. This means that users won't be able to upload video notes from their device's memory.

How to add video notes

To publish a video note, simply go to the Inbox section, click on the profile icon in the notes area, and then select the camera icon above the photo.

Afterwards, users can start recording a two-second video, which can then be uploaded as a video note. If desired, the video can also be supplemented with a text message.

Video notes on Instagram: How to use new feature

How to add a video Note (photo: Instagram)

Why video notes appeared

It is worth reminding that the notes feature was introduced in December 2022 and was positioned as a kind of alternative to posts on X (formerly Twitter), providing Instagram users with the ability to communicate using short text messages.

However, this year, Meta launched the social network Threads, which is actually a full-fledged competitor to X.

We also reported that Instagram implemented significant changes to Direct Message.