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Instagram's big changes to DMs: Nightmare for introverts

Instagram's big changes to DMs: Nightmare for introverts Illustrative photo: Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri shared important news through their Instagram accounts, writes The Verge.

They announced a planned change that will allow users to choose whether they want their conversation partners to see read receipts.

In the near future, Instagram will introduce the option for users to decide whether they want others to see when they have read their messages. To visually demonstrate how this will work, the head of the social media platform posted a photo of the feature's settings.

Instagram's big changes to DMs: Nightmare for introverts

Instagram adds the feature to turn off read notifications (Photo: Meta)

At the moment, when sending a message on Instagram, there is a text indicator below the last text notification that indicates when your message was read. If the indicator doesn't appear, it means that the conversation partner has not viewed the chat yet.

Currently, there is no information about whether a similar feature will be available on Messenger, which also displays read receipt notifications but does not provide the option to disable them.

The introduction of this feature to all users does not have exact details as testing does not always guarantee final implementation.

There are many instances where companies have canceled certain plans during testing. For example, Instagram previously abandoned the implementation of a new interface similar to TikTok after a negative reaction from users.

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