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Massive drone strike on Dnipro: People trapped under rubble

Massive drone strike on Dnipro: People trapped under rubble Photo: In Dnipro, they described the consequences of the Shahed attack tonight and reported on the casualties (Getty Images)

In Dnipro, a residential building was directly hit and destroyed as a result of a nighttime Russian attack using Shahed type strike drones. At least four people have been injured, according to the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Lysak.

"Russians attacked the area with Shahed drones. There is a hit on a multi-story building in Dnipro," the official reported.

According to preliminary information, at least four people have been injured.

"People are under the rubble. Search and rescue operation is ongoing," added the head of the Regional Military Administration.

Russian air attack

On the evening of February 22, an air alarm was declared in central and southern regions of Ukraine due to the threat of missile strikes from Russian Tu-22m3 aircraft carrying Kh-22 missiles. Later, it became known that enemy aircraft had launched missiles towards Odesa. Around 23:00, an explosion was heard in Odesa. And later in the night, on February 23, explosions were also reported in Dnipro.

Prior to this, the Ukrainian Air Force had also warned of the detection of enemy attack drones of the Shahed type. In particular, the military reported the movement of kamikaze drones towards Dnipro and the surrounding region.

Subsequently, the Armed Forces of Southern Ukraine clarified the consequences of the enemy attack on Odesa and reported that 9 Russian kamikaze drones had been shot down by the military. It is noted that one of the drones, affected over the sea, crashed into a building of an enterprise in the coastal area of the city, causing destruction and a fire. One person died, and there may have been people inside.