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Fatality, injuries and building destruction: Update on drone strike on Odesa

Fatality, injuries and building destruction: Update on drone strike on Odesa Photo: consequences of the Russian attack by Shahed on Odesa (

In Odesa, a building in the coastal area of the city was destroyed and a fire broke out due to an evening Russian drone kamikaze attack of the Shahed type. There is at least one known fatality, but there may be more people trapped under the rubble, according to the Telegram channel of the Defense Forces of South of Ukraine.

The military reported that Russian invaders used strike drones of the Shahed-131/136 type for attacks on the Odesa region. Additionally, rockets of the Kh-31P and Kh-22 types were launched from tactical and strategic aviation aircraft from the Black Sea waters.

"The missiles lost their combat capability in the air," the statement says.

The air defense units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have successfully downed 9 enemy kamikaze drones.

It is noted that one of the drones, struck over the sea, and crashed into a building in the coastal zone of Odesa, causing destruction and a fire.

"Despite the damage to the building, a security guard was successfully rescued and remained unharmed. During the firefighting operation, rescuers discovered the body of one deceased person. According to preliminary information, there might still be people inside," the military reported.

Firefighting efforts and search-and-rescue operations are currently ongoing.

Later, the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Oleh Kiper, added that at the site of the strike on a civilian enterprise, where the fire broke out, all relevant specialists are involved in the search and rescue operation

Aerial strikes on Odesa

In the evening on February 22, an air raid alert was declared in central and southern regions of Ukraine due to the threat of Kh-22 missile strikes from Russian Tu-22M3 aircraft. It was later revealed that enemy aircraft had launched missiles towards Odesa. Around 11:00 p.m., an explosion was heard in Odesa.

The Ukrainian Air Force also warned about the detection of Russian attack drones of the Shahed type, particularly highlighting the danger for the Odesa region.

Later, the head of the Odesa Regional State Administration, Oleh Kiper, reported that a fire occurred at a civilian infrastructure facility as a result of the enemy attack. Additionally, there is information about civilians being affected by the incident.