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Love or illusion: How to distinguish true feelings from other emotions

Love or illusion: How to distinguish true feelings from other emotions How to distinguish love from other feelings (photo:

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings. Unfortunately, it is not always eternal. Sometimes love fades away, leaving behind only sadness and disappointment. Why does this happen? To begin with, ask yourself, was it really love? Unfortunately, we can easily confuse this feeling with other emotions. Telegram channel Psychological Support explains what love is often confused with.

What we confuse love with

Sexual attraction

Sexual attraction is a strong feeling, but it focuses on the physical aspect of relationships and can exist without any emotional attachments. Therefore, passion is always fleeting.


At the beginning of relationships, we often become infatuated with a partner, their appearance, achievements, intelligence, attributing ideal qualities to them. This feeling can be very intense but may fade over time as we get to know the partner better and discover their flaws.


Some people who did not receive enough love and support in childhood may struggle with self-belief. They may feel that they are not worth anything. It is crucial for such partners to be praised, as it gives them a sense of being valuable, needed, and loved.


Individuals with low self-esteem or a tendency towards codependency often seek partners who need to be "saved." They may think they love this person when, in reality, they feel pity for them, deriving a sense of significance through constant self-sacrifice and heroism.

Parental сare

A woman may take care of her partner, worrying about him as if he were a child. A man may seek a woman who will take care of him and solve his problems. It is important to understand that this can simply be a need for care.

How to distinguish love from other feelings

Love is not only a feeling but also an action. It is expressed through care, respect, trust, a desire to be with a partner, and the willingness to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with them.

Love doesn't make you suffer. While every relationship may face challenges, they should not be constant. If you consistently or frequently feel pain, disappointment, or anger, it may not be love.

Love is not based on fear. You should not be afraid of your partner's reactions or the fear of losing them.

Love makes you a better person. It inspires, motivates personal growth, and boosts self-confidence.

Remember that love is a gift that requires careful handling. If both partners make efforts to preserve their love, it can last forever.

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