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How to overcome 3 common crisis periods in marriage: Psychologist's tips

How to overcome 3 common crisis periods in marriage: Psychologist's tips Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Love boats occasionally break under the pressure of the reefs of everyday life and household chores. In marriage, there may come a crisis period when a couple faces problems, according to the Instagram page of psychologist Iryna Kulik.

Adaptation period

After starting their life together, couples have to address questions of daily life, such as dividing responsibilities, financial aspects, and adjusting to a new rhythm of life.

During this period, certain difficulties may arise that need to be overcome.

Postpartum crisis

The psychologist explained that the arrival of children can create tension in a marriage due to a change in roles, responsibilities for upbringing, and the strain on the relationship between partners.

Crisis in marriages of 15 years or more

By this time, couples may feel that their lives have become too monotonous. Everything seems clear, everything is boring. They become bored with each other, so it's important to revive the sharpness of feelings.

How to overcome the crisis

It's necessary to spend more time together. Go on dates, to the movies, take walks, attend parties, and events.

Also, open communication is needed. Talk to each other about your problems. Listen to your partner's opinion and don't forget about yourself.

It's important to show patience and respect for each other. Not everything always meets our expectations, and working through a crisis is a long and difficult process. It's important to remember why and for whom you want to maintain the relationship.

Don't run away from the problem, as often one or both partners start working hard, resort to alcohol, or engage in romantic relationships elsewhere. However, this way the crisis won't disappear, and conflicts may even intensify.

You can also seek help from a specialist. Family and individual therapy can help understand the situation and gain a new perspective on the problem. However, this only works if the person wants and is ready to take certain steps to resolve the conflict.

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