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New long-range Neptunes created in Ukraine: Modified missile in progress

New long-range Neptunes created in Ukraine: Modified missile in progress Ukraine modify missile for Neptune complex (Photo: facebook com GeneralStaff ua)

In Ukraine, work is underway on a secret project - the creation of a new model of missiles, the so-called "long-range Neptunes."

More details - in the material by RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, sources such as an interview with the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk, by ArmyInform, and Defense Express were used.

"Now work is underway to create the so-called 'long-range Neptune.' This involves a new modification of the missile for the Neptune complex. Active work is also being carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Strategic Industries to strengthen the air defense system," the general said.

At the same time, he refused to disclose details of the new development.

"At the moment, we cannot talk about it in detail. I can only say that work is underway to upgrade the Buk and S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems," added Havryliuk.

What is known about the long-range Neptunes

As reported by Defense Express, it is most likely about adapting the R-360 missile of the Neptune complex to destroy ground targets. According to the publication, the potential range of such a missile could reach 400 km (compared to 300 km in the anti-ship version), and the warhead could be 350 kg (compared to 150 kg). However, it is not excluded that these are not the final characteristics of the modified missile.

In particular, according to the information of the publication, at the end of August, it was reported that only a few dozen such missiles had been produced.

"As for the new version of Neptune, it was also reported earlier that the missile uses a homing system with thermal imaging for target search and capture based on a pre-loaded image and that, of course, the missile uses the same launcher as the anti-ship version," the article says.

Defense Express suggests that the work on Neptune is one of the items from the list of "missile weapons and ammunition" for which Ukraine is expected to spend UAH 175 billion next year.

Cruiser Moskva

Neptune missiles were credited with the destruction of the Russian cruiser Moskva on April 13, 2022. Moskva was destroyed by two missiles launched from Neptune's coastal missile system, developed by enterprises of Ukroboronprom (Ukraine).

It is considered the most expensive military loss for Russia in the war against Ukraine, as the residual value of the cruiser was estimated at $750 million.