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Lithuanian MEP urges stripping Hungary's EU voting rights

Lithuanian MEP urges stripping Hungary's EU voting rights Lithuania proposes stripping Hungary's EU vote over support for Putin (photo: Getty Images)

The European Commission and the Council of the European Union should consider the issue of depriving Hungary of its voting rights in the European Union, states Rasa Juknevičienė, a Member of the European Parliament from Lithuania.

In her opinion, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is working for Vladimir Putin, and actions destabilizing the European Union need to be stopped.

"Who is Orbán working for? Putin! And why is the EU doing nothing to stop him? Can you see how the EU is being destroyed from within? We do see, I say. Unfortunately, the instruments to stop him are too weak. This answer is disappointing because the people want an effective EU. It can't go on like this. If we continue to allow Putin to destroy not only Ukraine but also the EU, we will face existential tests," said the MEP.

She also added that our lawyers must find a legally correct way to stop internal and external disintegration.

"The rule of law must protect the EU as a structure," Juknevičienė emphasized.

Negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union

On December 14, during the summit in Brussels, the European Council approved the start of accession negotiations for Ukraine and Moldova to join the EU. During the vote, Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán left the meeting room and did not block the decision of the European Council.

However, Hungary blocked the financial aid package to Ukraine worth 50 billion euros during the summit.

Prime Minister Orbán stated that he would not unblock this assistance until the EU disburses 30 billion euros to Hungary, which had been frozen due to the country's issues with corruption and the rule of law. Recently, the EU unfroze 10 billion euros of this amount.

In President Zelensky's office, ways to bypass Orbán's veto on the 50 billion euros were discussed.

Meanwhile, Lithuania's permanent representative to the EU, Arnoldas Pranckevičius, stated that if Hungary is not ready to support solidarity and mutual trust with other bloc members, it should leave the European Union.