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Lifehack: How to position router antennas for perfect Wi-Fi signal

Lifehack: How to position router antennas for perfect Wi-Fi signal Wi-Fi router antenna positioning: how to set it the right way (photo: Freepik)

Searching for the perfect Wi-Fi signal, users always strive to improve their internet connection. One crucial aspect is the correct configuration of Wi-Fi antennas based on their position, reports TheTechieGuy.

Correct antenna position

The antennas of the router and devices connecting to it via Wi-Fi should be in the same plane. This is necessary for more stable radio wave transmission and reception. While it's impractical to keep a smartphone vertical at all times, other devices like Smart TVs and laptops are commonly found at home. These are the devices to orientate towards.

The Wi-Fi antennas in these devices are positioned vertically: in laptops, around the outline of the monitor screen, and similarly near the TV. Therefore, it makes sense to configure the router antennas vertically for these two types of devices.

Keep it away from walls

It is recommended to move the router away from walls and other obstacles by a minimum of 50-60 centimeters. This allows the Wi-Fi signal enough space for maneuvering, avoiding critical obstacles such as iron reinforcement in drywall walls and other interfering elements that can affect connection quality.

Setting up Wi-Fi channel

In situations where a house is large, but the number of routers is limited to one, a common issue arises. If the speed is acceptable near the router but decreases significantly in distant rooms, and you don't want to install a MESH network, there's an effective lifehack.

Select on the router the Wi-Fi channel (which can be manually set in the settings) closest to the first one. Of course, the channel should be as free as possible or have the lowest signal level from neighboring devices.

Transmitter power

The signal from the router has significantly more power than signals from phones and tablets. This means that at a high power level within the same frequency, the router signal may overpower smartphone signals, blocking the return signal.

So, if the router allows power adjustment, it is recommended to set the minimum level where the maximum internet speed is still possible. This can usually be checked using an internet speed measurement app, such as Speedtest.

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