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Christmas decorations to not place near Wi-Fi router

Christmas decorations to not place near Wi-Fi router Illustrative photo (Unsplash)
Author: Maria Kholina

Wi-Fi routers are considered sensitive devices and can face disruptions not only from household appliances but also from absolutely unsuspecting holiday decorations, according to the UK information channel GB News.


It's common knowledge not to place routers near mirrors due to signal reflection. Mirrors can cause Wi-Fi signals to scatter, potentially reducing internet connection quality. The same applies to tinsel, as it is often made from reflective material.

Should you decide to decorate around the router or the router itself with tinsel, it will not lead to anything good. Wi-Fi signals will bounce numerous times off small mirrors on the tinsel, scattering before finally reaching devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and others.

Wrapping the router with tinsel is also discouraged due to the risk of fire.

Fairy lights

Experts suggest that fairy lights can generate a weak electromagnetic field, potentially interfering with the transmission of radio waves from the router to devices in the house. The more lights, the more challenging it becomes for the router to maintain a stable connection.

If you notice a slowdown in internet speed after decorating your home, it's recommended to try relocating the router further from the lights or moving the lights to a different location.

Placing Christmas lights near the router is not advised. The device generates heat during operation, and adding more warmth from the lights creates conditions for a potential house fire.

Christmas tree

Christmas trees are typically adorned with lights and shiny ornaments. Placing a Christmas tree in front of the router can prove to be as effective at blocking Wi-Fi signals as a concrete wall, which is why experts caution against positioning Christmas trees close to routers for an uninterrupted internet experience.