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Latvian Ambassador to Ukraine: 'Russian chances of any military offensive doomed'

Latvian Ambassador to Ukraine: 'Russian chances of any military offensive doomed' Ambassador of Latvia to Ukraine Ilgvars Klava (all photos: Vitalii Nosach / RBC-Ukraine)

Ambassador of Latvia to Ukraine, Ilgvars Klava, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, stated that Russia's chances of any military offensive against Ukraine are virtually doomed.

"With the macro-financial assistance of the European Union, and after the decision of the US Congress, with the delivery of assistance, I think there are very high chances for Ukraine to go through this year. After the US vote, I would dare to say that, and that's my personal opinion, the Russian chances of any military offensive in Ukraine are basically doomed," he said.

According to the ambassador, there is every reason to believe that any attempt to conduct any large-scale severe military operation against Ukraine will fail thanks to the assistance of weapons and ammunition coming primarily from the United States but also from other NATO countries.

"But I want to mention two additional things. First of all, of course, it's a question about the manpower reserves on the Ukrainian side. This is very important. We are so glad to see that finally the law on mobilization has been passed through the parliament. It's very vital, it's a very essential thing, because the army needs reserves," said Klava.

He noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine also need weapons and ammunition.

"Now the weapons and ammunition are secured, but you need to have trained reserves. First of all, to hold off on the possible Russian attack, like now in the Kharkiv region, but also in other possible directions," the ambassador added.

Klava added that Latvia hopes that after the law is adopted, this system will work effectively and the reserves will appear in due time. In particular, it takes several months to train soldiers, equip them, form new brigades, and ensure rotation on the front line.

Russian offensive

Since the beginning of May 2024, Russia has resumed its offensive in the north of Kharkiv region after regrouping its forces. Border settlements are under constant shelling.

Russian troops managed to advance partially to the city of Vovchansk. At the same time, Russia activated its forces along the entire front line.

Earlier, Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi stated that the invaders had changed their tactics in the Kharkiv sector.