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Knauf recognized as war sponsor: Supporting mobilization in Russia

Knauf recognized as war sponsor: Supporting mobilization in Russia Knauf recognized as war sponsor (photo: Getty Images)

The German company Knauf is on the list of sponsors of the war in Ukraine. Not only has the company not left the Russian market, but it also maintains friendly relations with the Kremlin, reports the press service of Ukraine's National Agency on Corruption Prevention.

Knauf is one of the world's largest manufacturers of building materials. It is represented in Russia by 10 subsidiaries, 20 plants, and almost 30 resource centers. The number of its employees in Russia is up to 4 thousand people.

It is known that the company has invested more than €1.65 billion in the Russian economy since 1993. In 2022 alone, the company paid about $117 million in taxes.

In addition, Knauf also has a plant for the production of acoustic ceiling tiles and suspension systems in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone in Tatarstan. The plant is now the site of the Russian production of Shahed-136 drones.

Knauf's management is closely linked to the Kremlin regime. The company's co-owner, Nikolaus Wilhelm Knauf, had the status of Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation for 23 years.

In October 2022, the German company also contributed to mobilization in Russia. According to media reports, the Russian managers of the Knauf plant in Krasnogorsk near Moscow agreed with the authorities on the lists of those who were needed at the plant and who could be sent to war. Some of those who received a call-up, according to information from the networks, were even taken to military enlistment offices in a company minibus.

Sponsors of the war

The NACP is an agency that checks private companies for compliance, including whether they sponsor the war against Ukraine. Thus, during the full-scale Russian invasion, the list of "International Sponsors of War" was created.

The list included companies that have not left the Russian market, do business, and pay taxes in Russia, thus financing the war.

For instance, the list of war sponsors includes the world-famous Nestle Corporation. It is one of the largest food producers in the world.