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Klishchiivka liberated - Ukrainian Armed Forces secure an important foothold

Klishchiivka liberated - Ukrainian Armed Forces secure an important foothold Ukrainian Armed Forces have liberated Klishchiivka (photo: MinistryofDefence UA)

The liberation of the settlement Klishchiivka near Bakhmut has allowed the Ukrainian forces to establish a foothold for further advances, states Illia Yevlash, the chief spokesperson for the Eastern Military Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"I can confirm the liberation of the settlement Klishchiivka. Klishchiivka has officially been freed from the occupiers today," said Yevlash.

Currently, according to him, Ukrainian troops are consolidating their positions and conducting stabilization operations, including demining.

"Our units in this direction inflicted a powerful blow to a number of occupation units... So, now we have gained a foothold that will allow us to develop our offensive actions and liberate our land from the occupiers," he added.

As Yevlash explained, this will primarily allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to gain control over the logistic routes of the occupiers that supply Bakhmut.

"In addition, this is the exposure of flanks, which will enable us to more conveniently advance into the depth of the enemy's territory and deliver more accurate and deeper strikes against the enemy," summarized the spokesperson for the Eastern Military Command.

The liberation of Klishchiivka

This evening, the 80th Separate Air Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced the liberation of the settlement of Klishchiivka near Bakhmut. The fighters from the 80th Brigade, the 5th Separate Assault Brigade, and the "Lyut" Brigade from the "Guardians of Advance" were responsible for driving the occupiers out of Klishchiivka.

Later, this information was confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in his evening address, expressed his gratitude to the military for regaining Ukrainian territory.

"However, the enemy constantly tries to inflict maximum harm to our soldiers and operates using all possible means of fire impact," emphasize the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Battles near Bakhmut

The liberation of Klishchiivka marks another stage in the Ukrainian counteroffensive near Bakhmut. Just a few days earlier, Ukrainian forces regained control over another settlement, Andriivka.

As President Zelenskyy emphasized, this was a significant and much-needed outcome for Ukraine in the Bakhmut direction.

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