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Kitchen renovation: Which colors not to paint walls and why

Kitchen renovation: Which colors not to paint walls and why What colors not to paint the walls in the kitchen (illustration: Freepik)

Choosing the right color for your kitchen may seem like a daunting decision. The color of the walls is likely to be part of your home for several years, so it's important to consider not only trends but also practicality, according to Southern Living.


According to Christine Carney, the director of design at Blackberry Farm Design in Walland, Tennessee, it's always better to steer clear of neon paint in the kitchen.

It's not just that the trend for neon colors is in the past, but also that bright shades will be difficult to combine with other elements in the kitchen. Moreover, they can be irritating to the eye.

Dark shades

According to designers, dark colors can make the kitchen appear smaller and less appealing. Additionally, such a choice is not the best in terms of durability. Scratches and defects can be more noticeable on dark surfaces.

Moreover, while dark grays and blacks can undoubtedly make a statement in some kitchens, they are not suitable for all types of spaces—if a room lacks natural light, it may appear gloomy and unwelcoming.

Cool tones

Despite being a practical option, designers advise against using paint or tiles in cool tones—kitchens should evoke coziness and comfort.

Cool colors like ashy gray or blue hinder the creation of a warm atmosphere.

White color

According to the founders of Interior Design company in Greenville, South Carolina, while white color can be used for the kitchen, it's preferable to opt for light shades of orange or yellow—such as cream color.

These shades still provide a classic and polished appearance but feel warmer and more inviting compared to cold white. Additionally, grease and dirt marks are most noticeable on white, so cleaning will have to be done much more frequently.


Bright tomato-red color has no place in the kitchen, according to the founder of Bethany Adams Interiors. She believes that red is too intense for this space. After all, the kitchen is a space for relaxation and unwinding during meal preparation and dining.

However, there is another reason—red is believed to enhance the feeling of hunger. Thus, walls of such a hue may distract attention from kitchen activities.

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