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Kim Kardashian's strange Christmas gift: photo

Kim Kardashian's strange Christmas gift: photo Kim Kardashian (photo:

Kim Kardashian received a very unusual gift - she was given a brain, and moreover, it was her own.

Details about who gave the reality star such a strange gift are reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing information from Daily Mail and the star's Instagram.

Kim Kardashian received a silver sculpture of her own brain as a Christmas gift and shared this peculiar present with her fans on Instagram stories.

The 43-year-old SKIMS founder showcased the special gift, placing it on a spacious countertop and capturing it on video. In one of the clips, her brain appears adorned with sparkles and radiates a captivating glow, creating an intriguing visual effect.

The brain gifted to Kardashian is made of silver, making it a valuable and unique piece.

The reality TV star explained that the sculpture is a cool and unusual gift. The team at Prenuvo crafted the sculpture of her brain, and it looks remarkably realistic. The clinic, where celebrities undergo MRI scans, has computer images of not only the star's brain but also various parts of Kim's body.

As a gesture of appreciation for promoting their services, the influencers ordered a silver model of Kim's brain as a Christmas gift. This unexpected present genuinely surprised not only the model herself but also her followers.

Кім Кардашьян отримала дуже дивний різдвяний подарунок: про що мова

Кім Кардашьян отримала дуже дивний різдвяний подарунок: про що мова


In this clinic where Kim received the interesting gift, she underwent scanning of her entire body. As known, the star takes her health seriously and wants to ensure that everything is well.

Moreover, she encourages people who listen to her to undergo scans at least once a year because it can help detect oncology at early stages and timely combat diseases that are not yet fully understood and have no cure.

So, the gift from the clinic is undoubtedly peculiar, but it carries a profound meaning, both for Kim herself and for everyone.