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Kim Jong Un declares South Korea as main enemy, threatens to 'annihilate' it

Kim Jong Un declares South Korea as main enemy, threatens to 'annihilate' it Kim Jong-un, dictator of the DPRK (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un visited the country's main military factories and made more threatening statements against South Korea, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

During his visit to the factories on January 8 and 9, Kim Jong-un expressed his "great satisfaction" that the factories "successfully carried out the plan for deploying new type weapons and equipment to the first-line large combined units and major missile units."

At the same time, he emphasized the importance of constantly actively accelerating productivity growth, in particular, producing more and more weapons and equipment, and "make this year a year of radical turn in boosting the country's preparations for war.."

In his speeches, the dictator called the Republic of Korea the "most hostile state" that "pursued a history of vicious confrontation with bloodshot eyes to overthrow our regime and social system for nearly 80 years."

According to Kim Jong-un, if South Korea threatens the security of the DPRK, he will "have no hesitation in annihilating the ROK by mobilizing all means and forces in our hands."

Shelling of buffer zone and threats

On January 5, the DPRK fired about 200 artillery shells near two South Korean islands on the western border - Eupyeong and Yeonpyeong - forcing the islanders to evacuate. South Korea conducted retaliatory exercises.

The very next day, January 6, North Korea repeated the prank and launched about 60 missiles into the waters near the South Korean group of Eupyeong-do islands. The DPRK repeated the same thing the next day, January 7, but threatened South Korea with "an immediate military strike in case of provocation."