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North Korea shells buffer zone near South Korea for second day

North Korea shells buffer zone near South Korea for second day Photo: Kim Jong Un, dictator of the DPRK (

North Korea fired approximately 60 artillery shells into the waters near the South Korean group of islands of Yeonpyeong, reports Yonhap News Agency.

All the projectiles landed in the maritime buffer zone, which was established to prevent maritime trade conflicts according to the inter-Korean military agreement signed in 2018. The shelling of the zone violates the terms of the agreement.

South Korea urged North Korea to immediately cease the shelling, stating that "this is an act that threatens peace on the Korean Peninsula and increases tension."

Second consecutive day

On January 5, North Korea fired around 200 artillery shells near two South Korean islands on the western border - Yeonpyeong and Baengnyeong. This forced the residents of the islands to evacuate, and the South Korean military conducted live-fire exercises in response.

North Korean military activity

North Korea regularly asserts its "unassailable status as a nuclear state" and conducts frequent ballistic missile launches towards the East and Yellow Seas.

Kim Jong Un, in a New Year's meeting with army commanders, stated that North Korea would "without the slightest hesitation deal a devastating blow and destroy the enemy's capitals" using the entire available arsenal if the United States and South Korea choose the path of military confrontation against North Korea.

Earlier, the dictator called on the country's military leadership to prepare for a possible war.