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Kazakhstan directly impacted by Russian missile testing aimed at Ukraine

Kazakhstan directly impacted by Russian missile testing aimed at Ukraine Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Anti-aircraft and ballistic missiles being tested at the Russian missile range in the Astrakhan region are flying towards Kazakhstan and falling in Bokeyorda, according to Novaya Gazeta Europe.

As reported by the news agency, a steppe is located where a specially protected natural reserve is situated.

Journalists claim that after the tests at the Kapustin Yar range, missiles fly to kill Ukrainians but are first tested on Kazakhs.

The missiles dump fuel in their steppe, debris falls near their homes, kills their livestock, and Kazakhs themselves extinguish fires caused by the missile falls.

It is noted that even heavier ecological consequences occur. Adults in Bokeyorda die of cancer, and children are born with disabilities.

The article mentions that when Kazakhstan became independent, Russian missile tests on its territory did not cease, and now the republic leases land for ranges.

Lease for testing

According to the testimony of a local guide-entrepreneur, the testing range has become a disaster for the local flora and fauna. In addition, it directly affects the economic development of the region in the field of animal husbandry.

"I pay more for leasing land for cattle. The Russians have taiga, why don't they test there? They launch missiles only when the wind is from the west, from the side of Kap-Yar, and the fragments fly towards us," emphasizes Nagim Tajmuratov.

According to him, on such days, local residents cannot even leave their homes because the trajectory of the fall is always unknown.

"There were cases when before the Russian military tests, they came to us and evacuated residents from villages for 10 kilometers," he says.

The article notes that the range in Bokeyorda occupies half of the entire area of the district - 943 thousand hectares. Russia pays $2.3 per hectare per year for leasing all ranges.

Testing of weapons of mass destruction by the Russian Federation

On Wednesday, February 14, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Turner warned of a serious threat to US national security as, according to intelligence, Russia plans to deploy nuclear weapons in space.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan confirmed this information, and President Joe Biden instructed his administration to negotiate with Russia on the possible testing of nuclear weapons in space.

American CNN learned the details of Russia's development of nuclear space weapons and how it could pose a threat.