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Japan transfers Patriot missiles to Europe: How it helps Ukraine

Japan transfers Patriot missiles to Europe: How it helps Ukraine Japan transfers Patriot missiles to Europe (photo: Getty Images)

Tokyo will consider allowing the supply of Japanese Patriot missiles to Europe and other countries. This will help strengthen Ukraine's defense against Russian ballistic missile attacks, states Nikkei Asia.

On Friday, December 22, the Japanese government will update its guidelines for exporting defense products. This will allow the supply of missiles and other equipment under license to countries where the patent holders are located. Currently, only components of licensed equipment can be shipped to the United States.

In addition, Japan will allow recipient countries to transfer equipment to third countries with prior consent. The exceptions are countries that are actively involved in an armed conflict, including Ukraine and Israel.

The publication clarifies that this decision, although it will not allow Washington to directly send Japanese-made Patriot missiles to Kyiv, will give the United States more opportunities to continue supplying Ukraine with weapons of its own production.

As a first step, Japan's National Security Council plans to approve the delivery of Patriot missiles to the United States this year. Washington has requested the delivery because its stockpile is running low.

Mark Cancian, senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, noted that Patriot missiles are currently used by Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The United States could provide supplies to these countries, "but with some difficult trade-offs later."

Japan's military assistance to Ukraine

Despite its geographical distance from Ukraine, Japan is actively helping our country to confront the Russian aggressor along with other Western countries.

In early December, Tokyo announced its readiness to provide an additional $4.5 billion to support Ukraine.

Japan has also introduced a new program for migrants. The program was launched primarily "for people from Ukraine."

In addition, Ukraine will receive $1.2 billion from the World Bank under the guarantees of the Japanese government. The project is expected to cover almost 10 million Ukrainians.

Russian ballistic missiles shelling Kyiv

Russia is constantly shelling the territory of Ukraine with ballistic missiles from the S-400 and Iskander systems and Kinzhal airborne ballistic missiles.

The last large-scale shelling took place on December 13. Russians fired 10 ballistic missiles at Kyiv in the middle of the night. American Patriot missile systems shot down all enemy targets, but dozens of people were injured by falling debris, and numerous damages and destruction of residential infrastructure were reported.