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Japan introduced new program for resettlement of immigrants from Ukraine: Details

Japan introduced new program for resettlement of immigrants from Ukraine: Details Japan has launched a new campaign for resettlement (photo: Getty Images)

The Japanese government has launched a new support program for foreigners who have been forced to leave their homes due to armed conflicts but do not meet Japan's criteria for refugee status, according to NHK .

It is reported that they will now be recognized as being equivalent to refugees in terms of their rights. The program came into effect on December 1, primarily for people from Ukraine.

Those who avail themselves of the new program can attend Japanese language classes and adaptation courses to life in Japan if they wish. Foreigners will also have the right to legal financial support.

According to the Immigration Services Agency, the Japanese government will do everything possible to smoothly implement the program and provide appropriate assistance to those who meet the criteria of people who have left their homes due to war.

Aid from Japan to Ukraine

Japan has been providing various humanitarian aid to Ukraine from the early days of Russia's full-scale invasion. On October 7, Ukraine and Japan began the first round of security guarantee negotiations. The East Asian country became the fourth, after the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, to initiate such talks with Kyiv.

Additionally, Tokyo imposed additional sanctions against Russia after G7 member countries agreed to strengthen measures punishing Moscow for the ongoing war against Ukraine.

Furthermore, on November 29, Ukrainian rescuers received vehicles and specialized equipment for demining from the Japanese government.