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Italy to approve new aid package for Ukraine soon - Defense Minister

Italy to approve new aid package for Ukraine soon - Defense Minister Photo: Italian Defense Minister Guido Crozetto (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Italy will soon approve a new military aid package for Ukraine, according to the Italian Defense Minister Guido Crozetto.

“In the coming weeks, we will approve a new aid package for Ukraine so that it can continue to defend itself against Russia,” Crozetto told the parliament.

He noted that Italy has always supported Kyiv and supplied military equipment.

At the same time, Crosetto reiterated that sending Italian soldiers to Ukraine is out of the question.

"We have always said that Ukraine needs all kinds of assistance, and we are providing it, but we have also always ruled out direct involvement of our military in the conflict," the minister stated.

Assistance to Ukraine from Italy

Italy has provided significant support to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion in 2022. As a result, Rome supplied Kyiv with various types of weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank missiles, machine guns, mortars, and armored vehicles.

At the end of February, Italy and Ukraine signed a security cooperation agreement that provides for economic, diplomatic, and military assistance.

In addition, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that the Italian government plans to approve the ninth aid package for Ukraine in June, which will include, among other things, the SAMP/T system.