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It all depends on age: How often you need to wash your child's hair

It all depends on age: How often you need to wash your child's hair How often to wash child's hair (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Hair care is an integral part of a child's hygiene. The frequency of this procedure depends on certain factors, including the child's age, according to Ukrainian dermatologist Victoria Akhtarnia.

How often to wash your child's hair

In three simple steps, you can determine how often a child aged 8 to 12 needs to wash their hair.

In particular, you need to consider the following factors:

  • hair type (straight, curly, oily, dry)
  • age
  • level of activity

Washing every second day or every day:

  • 12 years or the beginning of puberty
  • oily, straight hair
  • activity: playing outdoors, playing sports, or swimming
  • Exceptions: hair is dry and curly

Washing once or twice a week:

  • age from 8 to 11 years
  • Exception: hair is dry and curly

Washing hair every 7-10 days is necessary if:

  • dry and curly hair, hair with braids or weaves
  • after heavy sweating or swimming, rinse and condition the hair

The expert noted that if your child uses shampoo frequently, you may need to adjust the frequency of shampooing. Every child is different and changes in weather can also affect how often you need to wash the hair.

It is necessary to pay attention to the child's hair and scalp between washes.

When you need to wash your child's hair often

According to the dermatologist, you need to wash your child's hair more often if:

  • hair is oily
  • the scalp is oily
  • keep adding one wash per week until the greasiness disappears

Reduce the frequency of washing if:

  • hair is dull and falling out
  • hair feels dry
  • wash hair once a week until dullness, hair loss or dryness disappears

Hair accessories

Under the age of 4, hair is very thin and delicate, so do not use clips and tight hairpins, as they can cause hair loss.

When braiding or tying ponytails, do not pull the hair too tightly, as it can become dull and fall out. If it is pulled too tightly upwards, coronary baldness can occur.

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