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Israeli PM instructs Mossad intelligence to eliminate Hamas leaders

Israeli PM instructs Mossad intelligence to eliminate Hamas leaders Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tasked the intelligence agency Mossad with tracking down and eliminating leaders of Hamas, according to RBC-Ukraine citing The Jerusalem Post.

"II instructed the Mossad to act against Hamas leaders wherever they are," he said.

Netanyahu hinted that Israeli intelligence could target Hamas leaders outside the Gaza Strip, including in Qatar. However, the prime minister avoided giving a direct answer to whether Israel would attempt to eliminate Hamas leaders during the current pause or wait for its conclusion.

"The war is continuing… until we achieve all of our goals: return all of the hostages, eliminate Hamas, and ensure that on the day after Hamas, no element that supports terrorism, educates its children for terrorism and pays terrorists or their families, will control Gaza," he added.

On Tuesday, November 21, Hamas claimed that the deputy commander of the Lebanese branch of the Al-Qassam Brigades, Khalil al-Haraz, was killed in the south of Lebanon due to an alleged Israeli airstrike. According to reports from Lebanese media, Haraz died in a car.

Recall that Mossad was considered one of the most influential and powerful intelligence agencies in the world. However, after the invasion by Hamas, Israeli intelligence was accused of missing the militants' attack. In October, Netanyahu blamed Mossad leaders, but later retracted his statements.

War in Israel

In early October, militants from the Hamas organization launched a massive invasion into Israel. During the attack, they killed and kidnapped both military and civilian residents. Following this, Israel announced the start of an operation against terrorists.

IDF fighters reached the Hamas command post in Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip and destroyed hundreds of underground tunnels in Gaza. Israeli military also detonated the parliament building in Gaza, which was used by Hamas militants.

On the night of November 23, Israel approved an agreement with Hamas for the release of hostages kidnapped in the Gaza Strip. The deal involves a temporary ceasefire.