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Israel to resume cooperation with Starlink

Israel to resume cooperation with Starlink In Israel, Starlink will operate again (photo:

Israel will resume cooperation with SpaceX, allowing the Starlink satellite internet service to operate once again within the country, according to Bloomberg.

Deputy Director of Israel's Ministry of Communications, Elad Malka, has stated that the sales of Starlink terminals will initially be restricted to official entities. It is claimed that Starlink has agreed not to provide access to humanitarian organizations in the Gaza Strip without approval from the defense ministry.

Jerusalem aims to utilize the capabilities of satellite terminals to strengthen communication during conflicts along its southern and northern borders while ensuring that the service remains blocked in Gaza due to concerns it could be used by Hamas.

According to Malka, Starlink has established an Israeli subsidiary and will begin selling its terminals in the coming weeks. Sales will be restricted by the license to a list of approved clients, including communication companies and local councils.

What proceeded this

In the fall, SpaceX owner Elon Musk angered Israeli officials when he offered Starlink services in the Gaza Strip, including to humanitarian groups.

At that time, the Israeli government decided to reject Starlink satellite communication services. Israel's Minister of Communications, Shlomo Karai, expressed confidence that Musk knew the satellite communication could be used not only by international organizations but also by Hamas militants.