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Israel's war with Hamas could jeopardize security in Middle East - Blinken

Israel's war with Hamas could jeopardize security in Middle East - Blinken U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (photo: Getty Images)

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned that the conflict between Israel and Hamas could jeopardize the security in the Middle East, reports The Times of Israel.

Blinken suggested that the situation in the region is highly tense due to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

"This is a moment of profound tension in the region. This is a conflict that could easily metastasize, causing even more insecurity and even more suffering," Blinken stated at a press conference in Qatar.

Blinken departed from Qatar and is heading to the UAE before continuing his journey to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Egypt.

Israel-Hamas war

On October 7, Hamas militants infiltrated into Israel, engaging in killings and abductions of both military and civilian individuals. In response, Israel declared the commencement of Operation Iron Swords and targeted the terrorists' locations.

On November 24, Israel reached a ceasefire agreement with Hamas, including the release of hostages. The militants released the first group of hostages on the same day.

The ceasefire lasted until December 1. Following an attack by Hamas on Israeli territory, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced the termination of the agreement.

On December 20, Israel proposed a one-week ceasefire to the Palestinians. However, Hamas rejected the offer.

Incidentally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined three conditions that must be met to end the conflict against the Palestinian militants of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.