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Israel destroys underground Hamas weapons factory

Israel destroys underground Hamas weapons factory Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

Israeli forces discovered and destroyed a clandestine Hamas weapons production facility on the coast of central Gaza, reports The Times of Israel.

According to the IDF, in the past week, military personnel conducted a raid on Hamas territory, where they discovered several tunnel shafts leading to an underground network hundreds of meters long.

In addition, fighters found a hiding place with weapons, including mortars, grenades, and RPGs.

According to IDF representatives, near this location, the military discovered several more tunnel shafts leading to another underground network of branching tunnels.

The military stated that explosive hatches were installed in the tunnels, through which soldiers found a weapons production facility. In the underground facility, there were machines, cooling fans, explosive materials, and rocket fuel.

Later, the tunnels were destroyed by sappers.

Israel-Hamas War

On October 7, Hamas militants invaded Israel. Terrorists began killing and kidnapping both military and civilian individuals. Shortly afterward, Jerusalem announced Operation Iron Swords and shelled terrorist locations in the Gaza Strip.

On November 24, a temporary ceasefire for the release of prisoners began between Jerusalem and the militants, with Qatar acting as a mediator. Already on December 1, fighting resumed, according to Israel, due to a violation of the ceasefire conditions by Hamas.

On December 20, Israel offered Palestinians to agree to a ceasefire for a week. But Hamas rejected the proposal.

Then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined three conditions that must be met to end the war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.