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Israel can pause war for 42 days - Prime Minister

Israel can pause war for 42 days - Prime Minister Photo: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel (Getty Images)

Israel is considering a short-term ceasefire with Hamas militants. However, there is no talk yet of ending hostilities completely, states Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister of Israel emphasized that his country is ready to discuss the terms of ending the war with Hamas. However, he stated that the war will not end until Israel achieves all its objectives.

"We can pause the war for 42 days for the purpose of returning the hostages. We cannot stop the war. The Iranians and all of our enemies are watching us, they want to see if we surrender," Netanyahu added.

The Prime Minister reminded that Israel aims to eliminate Hamas and free all hostages.

What preceded

Last autumn, armed militants from Hamas invaded Israel. There they killed and kidnapped civilians as well as Israeli soldiers.

In response to such actions, the Israel Defense Forces launched an operation against the terrorists. Israeli troops entered the Gaza Strip and began to take control of the settlements.

Currently, Israel controls most of the Gaza Strip. However, the militants still have hostages, whom the Israeli authorities intend to release.

US President Joe Biden recently stated that Israel has proposed a three-phase ceasefire agreement to Hamas. In particular, it involves the return of hostages.