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Israel announces another evacuation in southern Gaza Strip - UN

Israel announces another evacuation in southern Gaza Strip - UN Tel Aviv has announced the evacuation of the city of Khan Younis (photo: Getty Images)

Israel has ordered the evacuation of the main city of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, states the report of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Tel Aviv has released maps showing new areas covering about 20 percent of the city of Khan Younis to be evacuated.

According to the UN Office, more than 110,000 people lived in the area before the outbreak of hostilities.

There are also 32 shelters in the area, which have housed more than 140,000 internally displaced people, the vast majority of whom were previously displaced from the north.

The instructions accompanying the map call for residents to immediately move to shelters south of Khan Younis, particularly in the areas of al-Shabura, Tel al-Sultan, and al-Zahur in Rafah province. The scale of displacement due to the evacuation order is not specified.

On Wednesday, December 20, the IDF announced ground, air, and naval operations against dozens of terrorists and terrorist infrastructure at military command and control points in Khan Younis.

War in the Middle East

On October 7, militants of the Palestinian Hamas movement invaded Israel. They killed, kidnapped, and tortured military personnel and civilians, and fired rockets at the country's cities. In response, Tel Aviv announced the launch of the Iron Swords ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

Israel plans to wage war against Hamas until the militant group is completely destroyed. Only such a scenario would be a victory for Tel Aviv.

On December 20, Israel offered the Palestinians a one-week truce to release the hostages. However, the Hamas command rejected this offer.